The socio-economic discourse of not only our state, but also country is shaped by the thoughts, ideas and actions of our youth. It is this young generation which shoulders the responsibility of finding novel solutions to various problems afflicting our society. Issues such as agrarian crisis, growing economic disparity, gender inequality and continuous climatic deterioration, if remain untackled, would be the biggest cause of worry for our generations to come.

We at ACT recognise this dilemma and believe that the only solution is to facilitate an increased participation of the youth in the democratic discourse.

Thus, using cutting edge technology, Yuva-Maha-Samvaad is our pioneering attempt to provide the young citizens a structured platform for voicing their opinions and raising critical questions pertaining to various problems existing in our society. Through Yuva-Maha-Samvaad, we intend to enhance the youth’s participation in nation-building by facilitating dialogues and opening channels of discussions with key stakeholders and decision makers.

Through these discussions we aim to create and provide a MahaYuva VISION DOCUMENT to the government to act upon. This document will be formed by incorporating the suggestions received from the students before the event and during discussion with CM. This will enable the decision makers to understand the aspirations of the younger generation and consequently fulfil them by implementing relevant solutions and policy level changes.

Under Yuva-Maha-Samvaad, to encourage an increased contribution of youngsters in matters of governance and decision making, the honourable CM of Maharashtra Shri Devendra Fadnavis, through digital interactions, would be connecting, conversing and brainstorming with more than 5 lakh students across 1000+ colleges in the state.

Date: To Be Declared Soon
Creating sustainable employment for 20 million youth in the coming five years
Location: Your college auditorium/classroom


To foster the spirit of democratic participation amongst the youth of Maharashtra, ACT introduced a unique initiative called Maha-Digital-Samvaad, a digital platform for directly communicating with the students across different colleges in various cities of the state.

Over the last two months, our team successfully executed three such sessions of Maha-Digital-Samvaad, the biggest amongst them taking place on January 25 this year, commemorating Republic Day. This episode of the Maha-Digital- Samvaad witnessed Adv. Dhanraj Vanjari, (ex ACP Mumbai) interacting with hundreds of students at more than 500 locations situated across different colleges of Maharashtra.

We believe, this platform called Digital Samvaad should be leveraged to its maximum advantage for providing the college students of Maharashtra a chance to raise questions and voice their opinions on matters of governance and decision making. Thus, Yuva-Maha-Samvaad has been initiated which is directed towards achieving this goal.