It is the biggest digitally structured platform enabling the youth to raise crucial questions, voice opinions, and deliberate with the decision makers on critical socio-economic challenges in Maharashtra. Under this initiative, the honourable CM of Maharashtra Shri Devendra Fadnavis, through digital interactions, would be connecting, conversing and brainstorming with more than 5 lakh students across 1000+ colleges in Maharashtra.
This unique initiative has been taken by ACT, a not-for-profit network that promotes youth inclusion in active citizenship and governance with the objective of accelerating rate of Maharashtra’s growth and development.
The date for Yuva-Maha-Samvaad will be declared Soon. The theme for the Samvaad is ‘Wings of Fire: Job Creation for a New Maharashtra-Creating sustainable employment for 20 million youth in the coming five 5 years
In this episode of Yuva-Maha-Samvaad, key challenges that arise in the domain of higher education, skill development, self-employment, entrepreneurship and new-age technology will be addressed. The aim is to create a MahaYuva Vision Document to be shared with key policy and decision-makers by incorporating the suggestions and inputs received during the session.
In this competition your college can emerge as the top performing organiser for Yuva-maha- Samvaad. For this you need to register to organise, pledge attendance, and ensure the successful execution of Yuva-Maha-Samvaad with your audience present, along with getting a survey filled at the end of the session. Greater the number (both for pledges and actual day audience), greater is your contribution in creating the MahaYuva Vision Document which increases your chances of winning. Top 20 colleges to win prizes worth ₹10,000, the following 30 colleges to win prizes worth ₹5,000.

You can also submit suggestion videos to our problem statements. Voting shall follow on the suggestions received. Greater the number of upvotes, greater the chances of winning. Top performing suggestion videos will be decided by maximum number of upvotes followed by panel judgement. Students whose suggestion videos emerge in the top 50 will win ₹10,000 each along with getting a chance to interact with the CM and the panellists directly in the LIVE event to be held in Mumbai. Certificates for best suggestions will also be given.
Yes. In order to qualify as an organiser for Yuva-Maha-Samvaad, it is mandatory for a registering organiser to add a minimum 30 team members from his/her own college.
No. A college cannot have more than one (1) organising team.
A maximum of ten (10) organisers can be a part of an organizing team from one college.
No. You are free to invite as many students from your college as you want to join you on the event
A theme related survey will be handed over to the organisers who need to get them filled by their attendees at the end of Yuva-Maha-Samvaad. This is important to receive inputs and suggestions from a broader audience, in order to create the MahaYuva VisionDocument.
MahaYuva Vision Document will be the compendium of the suggestions received during Yuva- Maha-Samvaad which would be handed over to the relevant stakeholders and members of leadership in order to deliberate upon further policy level solutions that can be taken for the problem statements identified. This document will help in capturing the aspirations of the students which would then be conveyed to key decision makers.
Yes. Students can upload more than one suggestion video with each suggestion video addressing a different problem statement. However, students cannot submit more than one suggestion video for the same problem statement. The performance of a video will be judged on the basis of upvotes received and the discretion of our panelists.
Video suggestion entries to different problem statements will be judged independently, with respect to that particular category. There can be an instance where a student is shortlisted for multiple suggestions.
Yes. Students can submit suggestion videos in Hindi and Marathi as well.
The suggestion videos should not be longer than 2 minutes.
In case of any queries or difficulties please send an email to